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Custom Home Designs

At Brooks Designer Homes, we can help you create the perfect living space with a custom design home. A reputable luxury home builder in Brisbane, with 17 years of experience, we are passionate about helping you get creative with the home design process to ensure that the end results meet your individual needs.

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Individually Designed Homes

With our custom home designs, you are given control over aspects of the house design, from the size of the kitchen to the location of the bedrooms to the inclusion of unique spaces. Our custom home designs offer you unique flexibility, allowing you to reflect yours or your family’s personality and values as well as your budget and other needs in your living space.

Luxury Home Designs in Brisbane

Our team at Brooks Designer Homes can work with a specific landscape and its features, as well as with your particular tastes, rather than creating a generic design that will work for just about anyone. In this way, we can add any intricate details that you require and can create a beautiful, stylish and luxury space that couldn’t be achieved in a pre-designed plan.

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